North Korean Olympic Glory

It has been an intense Olympic games at Rio de Janeiro this year, with a great effort from many teams, including a first Olympic gold medal from the disputed Kosovo and Puerto Rico. Other teams which did well were those of China, the US, Great Britain, and Australia. The highlight of the games, however, was the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea leading the scoreboard with 739 medals continuing its eighteen Olympics streak, and relegating even Turkmenistan to second place. Puppet Worse Korea managed a measly single bronze in the marionette championship. Kim Jong Un himself managed a gold in fifty different sports, from nuclear missile co-ordinating to state management to the 100m dash. Best Korea is looking forward to hosting the 2020 Pyongyang Olympics, where every nation in the world- China, Turkmenistan, Cuba, Russia, Syria, and Eritrea will be present. Long live Kim Jong Un.



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