Meet the Creators

Have you ever wondered the god-damn geniuses behind this beautifully useless content?


The two people whose content you consume may exist, may not. This website isn’t real, everything you read is merely your subconscious thoughts and in that, you should congratulate yourself.

However, if you would like to contact the ambassadors of this publication, guides as you discover the spiritual paradise of enlightenment, their names are H[redacted]y B[redacted]n and K[redacted]n D[redacted]y.

KD- Defence correspondent, geopolitics correspondent, domestic fox breeding correspondent, lobotomy legalisation correspondent (limited to the jurisdictions of Venezuela and Togo- Haho and Oti Prefectures only), defunct Soviet automotive manufacturers correspondent, UFO sightings correspondent, prefabricated buildings correspondent.

HB- Mutton correspondent, generally despondent.