Turkmenistan Travel Guide

Turkmenistan has all the trappings of a true tourist destination- sandy beaches, rich history, Stalinist architecture, and presidential personality cults. Ah, but “is it safe” I hear you say. Of course it is! This is because of a strict 11pm curfew in the bustling, metropolitan capital of Ashgabat. The nightlife is insane, as long as you’re back with a glass of warm milk by 10:50pm. But if you do get caught out after worries- fear not- with a well-placed bribe you’ll be on your way- almost guaranteed since Turkmenistan is the joint third most corrupt country in the world. How handy!

The largest beach resort in Turkmenistan is the ultra-modern town of Avaza situated on Turkmenistan’s only coast on the Caspian Sea. Which is technically a big lake, but still. It has beautiful somewhat sandy beaches, “peculiar green” and quite chilly waters adequate for paddling, and almost one billion USDs worth of investment on the orders of  glorious President Gurbanguly Mälikgulyýewiç Berdimuhamedow, Arkadag (the Protector) of Turkmenistan. This is despite the entire town often having zero tourists either domestic or international- but that just means you won’t have to wait for the squat rack in the hotel gym! Mausoleums, mosques, and a perpetually burning gas crater in the middle of the desert that some think is the entrance to hell- visit Turkmenistan today.


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