Westminster Reveals “Northern Powerhouse”

The good folk down in Westminster have finally revealed the end product of the illustrious project dubbed the “Northern Powerhouse”. The North of England pays for its beauty and hospitable people with comparable economic poverty to much of the South, London in particular. To combat this the Tory government launched the Northern Powerhouse initiative to increase investment and infrastructure in the grim, foreign land visited only by the hardiest Southern explorers.

Unfortunately, the grand unveiling did not go to plan. Many were indeed critical of the end result. George Osborne in response to the criticisms replied “I believe we have achieved something great, however, as you all know, sacrifices had to be made for the budget. While we were originally going to put a house around the power generator, our funds ran dry after the new London skyscraper “the Phallus” went over budget. As a result, we have decided to blend the power generator into the open Northern countryside. Thank you.”

How do you feel about this? Has it lived up to your expectations? Post below.

This is the final product of the Northern Powerhouse:



Credit to OMC Power

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