What your bread choice says about you

We’ve all been there, What sandwich do you want? what sauce? Salad? Drink? Being bombarded by inane questions that make little difference to your overall life and wellbeing. I myself have had extremely bad experiences in the so called ‘Subway’ which has lead to me suffering regular mental breakdowns and a multitude of severe flashbacks.

To protest this I have recently been doing the ‘indie’ thing and using local sandwich shops such as ‘Top Shop’ for a number of years. The one question posed “Soft White or Hard Brown??

Unfortunately in this time of economic instability and uncertainty about jobs along with immigration and all that jazz, its impossible to comprehend such a question in such little time and therefore I shall leave it up to your interpretation

“Soft white or Hard Brown”


One thought on “What your bread choice says about you

  1. M says:

    Soft White or Hard Brown?
    Crusty or Cheesey?
    Such are the questions of life;
    Whatever it is I prefer mine with brown sauce…
    Just like my men


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