Morrisons Slave Labour Raid

A National Crime Agency spokeswoman has just announced a series of raids by armed officers in several Morrisons stores in Chichester, Durham, Beverley, Inverness, and Peterborough. A four-year investigation into Morrison’s labour practices has yielded solid information about Morrisons’ ill-doings and work conditions, which have been considered tantamount to slavery. The investigation has been made public in a press release two hours prior. Supposedly part-time workers are conscripted into forced overtime totalling up to 136 hours a week.

One victim, an albino Bangladeshi named Barry H., briefly spoke to us before he was carted off to Border Force offices.

RevCol: “How would you describe your ordeal?”

BH: “It was horrible, I haven’t seen my family for the last two Christmases. And we don’t even celebrate Christmas. I don’t think I’ve left the building for seven months. The light burns. It physically burns. But the pay was alright I suppose, I’m going to try and get my position back afterwards. Was almost moving on to tills. Almost…”

What a side world we live in where innocent Barrys can be abused as such.


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