BREAKING NEWS: Halloween Cancelled

Halloween, A fun time to take candy from children and scare people to the point of assault.  As thrilling as that is however the true meaning of the season has been lost to christianity and the birth of jesus. Many of our journalists are scientologists which gives our blog the ability to give a completely unbiased point of view which cannot be found in other “Reputable” publications.

With all festivals and seasons being held to a religion, the UK government has decided to become more PC and banned all religion practices for followers of that religion. The question you are inevitably asking is, How will this affect me? Well simply put you must only celebrate festivals of other religions in order for other people not of your faith to not become alienated and feel bored/Unenthused when talking about the crap you believe in.

Due to these events we have made it our mission to turn the whole population into social justice warriors, to cleanse racist, homophobic and sexually abusive words, letters and numbers, in order to end free thought and expression. Getting involved is simple! Just have a normal conversation with people, shout profanity, film it, upload it to youtube and you’ve ruined your first victims life! *NO ENTRY TO WHITE MALES*

– HB (Aka. Hugh-Mungus)

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