Exam Revision Techniques

As the infamous Benjamin Button always said “Nothing is certain but death and exams”. It’s that time of year for those of us unfortunate enough to still be in education. Examinations. Regardless, here are some very helpful techniques which will aid in your revision.


You can associate words and dates and phrases with other things like scents, tastes, or music. This is done by doing both simultaneously which causes the brain to automatically link the two as a pattern. For example if you chew the same chewing gum in the exam as you did revising, you should be able to recall things better.


The top of the brain is known as the stulta eius debent and is responsible for storing most of the information we gather throughout the day. Reciting information while upside down  is proven to improve recollection rates by 24%. This works because the information sinks to the top of the brain immediately.

Ink Baths

Skin is interlinked with the brain and needs to absorb various minerals to keep suitable mental health. The minerals and nutrients found in squid ink improve your ability to write using ink and can increase speed exponentially. I know this has saved my arse on more than one occasion.

Be Asian

This is self-explanatory, and probably the most effective

Flash Cards

This is probably the most well known technique of the lot and involves covering your nipples with post-it notes with relevant information on and flashing random passers-by. It is even more effective if the police are called, who would then precede to help you with revision.

For those getting ready exams in the near future, good luck. Just kidding, I really don’t care. It’s not like you’ll need luck, you have been revising all this time…right?


One thought on “Exam Revision Techniques

  1. anonymousnotmichael123 says:

    As an avid Benjaminite I was delighted to learn other people reference the great gentleman scholar. I am also aware that he kept his flash cards in a curious case under his bed, along with his Plutonium-564 which legend says is what he used to perfect interdimensional travel.

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