Embrace The FUPA

Summer is fast approaching and so is the perplexing trend of achieving the ‘Summer Body’. However we at ReverseColonoscopy have had enough of this puzzling trend, Why spend your time working at the gym and eating healthily just to look good for one season?

Summer will have ended before it has begun and winter is fast approaching. In our fight for natural selection throughout these harsh, cold, dark months, getting a head start on achieving enough fat to survive winter in essential.

Therefore I say “EMBRACE THE FUPA”

For more information and techniques to embrace the ‘FUPA’ as well as the ‘Chub n’ Tuck’ here is a reference.. http://h3h3.wikia.com/wiki/Chub_n’_Tuck

Definition of FUPA: “Fat Upper Pubic Area” commonly mistook for “Farting Under Pelicans Asses”

– HB

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