New British Prime Minster Allegedly Appointed

With the American presidential elections well on their way to an underwhelming conclusion, Mainstream News organisations have failed to report on the political developments happening in the UK.
After David Cameron’s predictable shock victory in 2016 the population have grown bored of having the same PM for so long. Since then, the memes have run dry, people have become tired of complaining and if you live in places with KC Broadband you most likely don’t have access to the internet in order to complain.

Conrad Dean, a candidate from the small island of Bangladesh has recently taken his position in office to make the country a better place. Unlike past Prime Ministers the job was bestowed upon him after getting the job through the Macdonald’s monopoly scheme, a scheme which has proven great in expanding the reach of diabetes. This has received some criticism but with an extensive CV of both “Kicking ass” and “Taking names” he is more than qualified for the position. In the next few months we will be following him close to find out the developments in his campaign.
Proposals include:
– Spreading Deanism to the masses
– Replacing ‘God save the queen’ with Steel Panther’s “Glory Hole”
– Reduction in University Fee’s
– Promoting British Values
– Eating a large quantity of cake like substances



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